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**I have been seeing Cam for nearly a year now and he is fantastic!  He works out of the Queen Anne Naturopathic center where my Homeopath works, so it was super convenient to go to the same place for massage.
I have had lower back issues and knee issues from running for years and he has done wonders for me.
The massages are half relaxing and half really working your muscles. I always leave feeling refreshed and limber.
Cam takes insurance which is AWESOME!  All I pay is a co-pay through Premera and he takes care of the rest- plus he takes credit cards for copay which is super convenient.
I can't recommend him enough.... I'm actually stepping up my monthly massage to weekly right now in my last few weeks of pregnancy.

Ashley R. - review posted on Yelp


**Cam is a fantastic and very professional masseur.  After moving to Seattle a year ago, I searched high and low for a professional who understands balance, core conditioning and integrates it into a deep tissue / sports massage. Cam is it!

Kiran B.  -  review posted on Yelp

**After a summer of long bike rides (STP, RAMROD and RSVP) I needed a massage.  I happened upon Balance and Strength Bodywork through friends and decided to give it a try.  This was not a soothing, hot-stone, fall asleep to zen meditation music and the smell of patchouli massage.  Cam worked me over and really help me get rid of some of the persistent aches and pains of a summer of intense physical activity.  Cam was courteous and professional and I will be going back to keep my body relaxed and limber enough to keep up my various training.  Thanks Cam!

Matt T. -  review posted on Yelp

**With a back that wouldn't loosen up due to a pulled muscle I sought help. I was referred to Cam by a friend who is a repeat customer and swears by Balance and Strength Bodywork. I have never sought massage for injury treatment so this was something new for me. What I found was a knowledgeable and courteous person who took the time to understand the issue at hand. After that Cam went to work, its not a fall asleep type massage this is a get the kinks out massage that felt great afterwards. If you have a nagging injury or just need to keep you body loose I would highly recommend Balance and Strength Bodywork.

Sean H. - review posted on Yelp

**Running around after a baby can be a pain in the neck, literally. Cam gave me a great full body massage. During the massage I felt like jello. He is knowledge in anatomy and gave me a stretch to do afterwords. Bonus - he took my insurance.

Lara C. - review posted on Yelp

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